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After we match you with your horse, one of our experienced guides will give instructions and an informative brief before departing. We will ride approximately five minutes on a trail before getting to the beach. The ride will be about two and a half miles on one of the most beautiful beaches the Oregon coast has to offer. All of our rides are to the same location, besides the 6:00pm ride, which sometimes go up the beach farther. During the ride there is mild hill to get to the beach and a short sea grass trail before met with soft sand. We tend to ride as close to ocean as possible where the harder sand lies. We will head north on the beach and cross a creek and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that we call home. Keep your eyes open because there is a potential to see wildlife, sea life, and other beautiful scenery, like the stunning rocks! The one hour ride's turn-around point is south of Face Rock viewpoint area. There, the guide will take pictures of you and your family if you wish. This is a great family adventure that you don't want to miss out on!

All rides are the same.

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