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We do our best to stick to the schedule but sometimes getting people ready for their ride takes a little longer. Not to worry, you will still get approximately a one hour ride. Please take note that a one hour ride takes approximately 1.5 hours. Signing in, customers changing their minds. nervous customers, and mounting can take up to 40 minutes. Not typical, but it can. Also, there is always those running in late at the last minute. Please plan accordingly.


We recommend wearing close-toed shoes such as sneakers, tennis shoes, or cowboy boots if you have them. We recommend jeans. Fabrics such as polyester, yoga pants tend to be more slippery on a saddle. We also recommend bringing a very warm coat, or a couple lite weight coverings. While it is not as cold in town and at the stables, the temperature drops 10-15 degrees (wind chill) when we go to the beach.


We recommend for anyone riding to wear a helmet. 17 and under are required to wear a helmet. 18 years and older do have the option to to fill out the back of our liability form, indicating that you have been fully warned and advised of safety cautions, as well as, to indemnify and hold harmless Bandon Stables and insurance company from any and all claims.


In general, the weight limit is 240-300lbs. It is dependent upon height, leg length, agility/balance, flexibility, experience level and comfort. While we have a variety of horses and saddles, sometimes the tack does not work for certain people. The saddles are not nailed on, only tightened. They do shift as people ride. The heavier the person, the higher probability of pulling the saddle under the horse. We recommend giving us a call if you are over 270lbs, before making a reservation.


Safety of our customers and of our horses is our number one priority. Due to the nature of this business, we reserve our rights to refuse service to anyone.


Please give us a call 24 hours before your scheduled ride time.  Please make sure all logistics are organized with riders before submitting a payment. Changes and cancellations within 24 hours are not refunded.


Private rides are $140 an hour per horse and are scheduled on a case by case basis. Private rides, running, trotting, cantering, galloping, riding in the water are never guaranteed. We schedule private rides sparingly and require a minimum of 2 riders. Must give us a call to inquire about private rides.


During the summer, tides typically do not affect operations. If booking a ride in the winter we recommend taking a look at the tide tables for Bandon/Coquille river, Oregon. While it is better to ride during low tide, customers enjoy their experience at any time. It is not easy to plan for the tides. They are ongoing and changing every day. It is best to pick a time as far away from high tide as possible, especially in the winter. Sometimes we cancel the ride, or cut it short due to safety. If we cancel you will receive a full refund.


We ride rain or shine. We occasionally cancel if there is moderate/severe wind and rain combined. Also if there is thunder/lighting. Being born in the saddle means we do get wet, especially on the Oregon Coast. If we cancel, we will issue a refund.


We used to allow double riding years ago, but insurance standards do not allow it any longer. While we have never had issues with double riders, insurance has deemed it not safe. They have access to risk management data and have determined it is not worth the risk. We believe this is partly due to certain operations making poor decisions, but can only speculate. We want to continue to operate by following the rules. We do not question our insurance standards.


Can purchase egift cards by clicking link on our home page. There are some preset amounts, but best to purchase by the cost of each horse. For example if you want a 1 hour ride for 2 people, you would purchase a $150 egift card. Once your purchase is complete you will be provided a confirmation number via email. You will need call to schedule and we will ask for number on your egift card.


We accept walk-ins when we are at the stables and operating. We are open if we have reservations. Sometimes we close early, due to lack of business or weather. We do ride rain or shine, but there are times it's not safe to ride. Wind, rain and high tides makes for a bad combination. The Oregon coastal weather along with reservations due alter our presence at the stables from September to May. During June, July, and August, we are here most every day. During spring break and holiday weekends, to include mothers/fathers day, we are typically there due to reservations, especially if it is fair weather. It is always best to make a reservation, as this guarantees we will be at the stables. During the winter, we typically do not saddle the horses unless we know we have a reservation. It is best to give us at least a day before, but not uncommon for us to accommodate a reservation with a couple hours notice.

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